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Backed by a team of professionals and associates, Growth Enablers was promoted in July 2009 by Arvind Nanda as an independent platform designed to add value to Indian and Global industry by facilitating business growth. Having gained multifaceted techno-commercial business exposure in the course of 34 years of full time assignments at senior management positions with reputed companies operating in Engineering/ Manufacturing domains, he has led teams to consistently deliver extraordinary performance and business results.

Since its inception Growth Enablers has successfully formed deep and sustainable partnerships with companies having potential and passion, offering a strategic platform to drive business growth. It provides a unique consultative + delivery process for achieving and exceeding enterprise goals. The process entails working closely with the management teams of client companies to evolve a strategic roadmap, facilitating and pro-actively participating in its realization.
Growth Enablers Value Proposition

The Indian Opportunity:
Growth Enablers, The Indian opportunity
India presents a unique set of unparalleled business opportunities. Despite an inevitable impact of global downturn Indian economy remains in good health, with a promise to revive to its destined levels much earlier and faster than many of the other emerging and developed economies.

The reasons are not far to see. The huge numbers in terms of demand and consumption are India’s strength. A growing middle class and per capita income, a large base of low cost skilled manpower and
technically qualified young Indians, major opportunities to build infrastructural projects, traditionally strong agricultural sector, abundance of natural resources, and an industrial base which has rapidly upgraded itself to world class standards, are all adding to the Indian growth story unfolding now. There is a global acceptance of it being eminently sustainable.

Given all these factors, India is projected to dominate the world economy in the coming years. Translated into real terms Indian appetite is going to be fed by the imports of goods and technology from the West. Large spending is forecast on infrastructure, consumer durables, automobiles and services. A significant amount of business for European and American companies in future will therefore emanate from India. The present downturn in fact presents an excellent opportunity for the MNCs to consolidate their Indian business plans. At the same time the indigenous Industry too, having matured and become globally competitive over years, is expected to grow at a faster pace to meet higher levels of domestic and global demand for their products and services.

Value Proposition: Growth Enablers:

Growth Enablers platform is built around the Indian growth story. It aspires to leverage its experience and domain knowledge of the Indian business environment and industry to help Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) by supporting their business growth endeavours. These services are offered to global companies desiring to establish and expand their business in India, and to Indian companies needing strategic direction and support to grow exponentially. The emphasis in all such interventions and facilitation is to create and build on sustainable competitiveness of the client companies.