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•  Takata India Ltd.
•  Lagan Engineering Ltd.
•  Jindal Saw Ltd.
•  Garima Overseas Ltd.
•  Adroitec Information Systems.
•  GFU Maschinenbau GmbH.
•  FELSS Burger GmbH.
•  EFS Euro Forming Services GmbH.
•  Knowledge Horizon India.
•  Imarticus Learning.
•  Phi Advisors.
•  Tatva Leadership.
•  The HR Company.
•  ValueQb Consulting.
•  Markstrat Consulting.
•  Incrementum Consulting.

Quick Contact:
Mr. Arvind Nanda
(Chief Executive)
Tel: +91 20 6648 5823..
Mobile: +91 98607 22689

Ms. Poonam Nanda
(Head - HR & Training)
Tel: +91 20 6600 2902.
Mobile: +91 93723 36566

A. By Overseas Investors & MNCs

Q.) What kind of business opportunities exist in India for our lines of business? Is the market sustainable over a reasonable period of time? What would be the current and projected size of market? What is the nature and intensity of the competition? Are more and stronger players likely to enter the market? What would be SWOT analysis against the key competition? What could be the ideal market positioning for us? What could be our unique value proposition as a differentiator?
A.) Growth Enablers provides services to analyse the Indian market for the products and services offered by the overseas clients. It helps the overseas clients in evolving and firming up a market entry strategy specific to their products and services.
Q.) If the conclusions drawn from the market analysis point to a realistic opportunity for us to invest, how should we go about entering the Indian market? Do we need an Indian partner or should we be on our own? What would be the relative advantages/ constraints in these scenarios?
A.) Growth Enablers could evaluate the prevailing and projected market to present a realistic scenario capturing the pros and cons of the available options to help evolve a sustainable business approach.
Q.) Whether we decide to form a Joint Venture with a locally present Company or take a decision to set-up our own Indian subsidy, how can we be advised and helped in going through the legal & company formation process, site selection, green field project management, logistics, recruitment & organization development activities etc.?
A.) Growth Enablers is equipped to manage & support all the legal/ commercial and project management activities related to setting up of the new entity in the best interest of the company.
Q.) Once the Indian entity is set-up, how could we be supported in our endeavours to achieve effective sourcing and localization of materials, essential for cost-competitiveness? How can quality Indian suppliers be identified and developed?
A.) Growth Enablers undertake turn-key sourcing/ localization projects covering identification & evaluation of suppliers, development and validation of critical materials and parts, price negotiations and establishing a robust SCM system.
Q.) Would there be local support available for marketing and business development of our products and services to Indian clients? Could this critical support be made available in advance of our deciding to set up our own facilities/ offices in India through representation and agencies, thereby enabling us to test the market? Could similar support and services be counted upon in subsequent phases too after we initiate our presence in Indian market, for helping us consolidate our market share?
A.) Marketing and business development support is one of the key services provided by Growth Enablers to the International Companies and MNCs. Dedicated marketing efforts made through access to the vast contact base and networking at senior management and decision making levels offers a unique advantage for promotion of their offerings in the Indian market. This marketing support could continue to be provided even after the International client company sets up its Indian operations.

B. By Indian companies & SMEs:

Q.) How can we scale up our business growth and profitability? What business strategies would help us to increase our market share and revenues in the products and services we are present in?
A.) Growth Enablers can be engaged to conduct an objective analysis of the market and to help evolve a strategic direction leading to a dramatic increase in share of business. This engagement would cover assessment of the addressable market size; market projections & sustainability; market share, competition & SWOT; review of value proposition, competitiveness and enhancement strategies etc. Deployment and delivery of business growth strategies form a part of the engagement term sheet.
Q.) Is our present business domain attractive and sustainable? Do we have strengths to dominate the market? What kind of technological or disruptive changes are likely to impact the industry in future? How do we equip ourselves to build competitive advantage?
A.) Emanating from the market & SWOT analysis, we conduct an assessment of the attractiveness and sustainability of the addressable market in the current business domain. Growth Enablers facilitates deployment of the identified business strategy to build on the competitive advantage. It could typically translate into identifying the gaps and evolving a plan to bridge the same. The gaps to be addressed could either be internal to the client company or related to external environment, or perhaps a combination of the two. Growth Enablers would work with the client company management to address all such opportunities for enhancing competitiveness. These strategic interventions could aim at improving organizational effectiveness, or bringing in new technologies.
Q.) In what manner can Growth Enablers help us in improving our organizational effectiveness and competitive advantage?
A.) Growth Enablers team, backed by its associates is competent to identify and address areas of organizational improvement. These would entail effectiveness of processes, systems, strategy and teams to bring sharper organization focus on customer expectations and value proposition.
Q.) In the event of inferences being drawn from to indicate a lack of sustained attractiveness of the market we are currently in, how can we be guided to migrate to different business domains as a diversification strategy?
A.) Diversification into complementary business verticals, depending upon the strengths and opportunities, can potentially form a break-through strategy for accelerated business growth. Growth Enablers can offer to participate in this transformation process and journey, which could entail identification of the new business vertical and technology partner, formation of JV partnerships, technology assimilation, funding, re-structuring, project management, organization development and competency enhancement interventions and facilitation.
Q.) How can we be supported in improving our organizational and team competence for being more competitive and effective in our business growth endeavour?
A.) Our HR team supported by Our Associates prominently present in training and education space can conduct an assessment of the competency gaps and training needs to evolve a training plan for the team. Based on the assessment suitable training modules and methodology could be designed and delivered. Training effectiveness is measured periodically to confirm alignment with the training objectives.