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•  GFU Maschinenbau GmbH.
•  Adroitec Information Systems.
•  EFS Euro Forming Services GmbH.
•  FELSS Burger GmbH.
•  Phi Advisors.
•  TVS Interconnect Systems Ltd.
•  The HR Company.
•  Market Strats.
•  ValueQb Consulting.

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Our Industry Specific Verticals
For the Automotive Industry
World class technology and turnkey solutions for manufacturing of Axles; Drive Shafts; Stabilizers; Prop Shafts; Steering Columns & Shafts; Power Steering Cylinders; Exhausts; Shock Absorbers; Cam Shafts; Airbag Vessels & Inflators; Gearbox Flanges & Shafts; Chassis & Suspension Components; Safety Equipment Components; Air Damping Pistons; High Pressure Air Springs; Tubing for Fuel Injection, Common Rail, Steering, Engine Cooling, Hydraulic & Brake Systems; Head-rest; Seat Adjusters & Frame; Windshield Wiper Blade & Parts; Autofrettage etc.

For the Aviation Industry
Manufacturing technology & equipment for Hydraulic Accumulators; Tubing; Security & Safety parts etc.

For the Tube Manufacturers
Upsetting and Pointing presses for high-volume, heavy duty automated production lines.

For the Cylinder & Accumulator manufacturers
World class technology and solutions for manufacturing of high-pressure gas cylinders and accumulators for fire-extinguishers, industrial gases, CNG & LPG, Soft-drink manufacture etc.

For the Material Handling, Printing and Textile industries
Technology and equipment offered for manufacturing transport and printing rollers, bending formers for textile machinery.

For White Goods Manufacturers
Manufacturing solutions for complex tubing required for Climate control, hydraulic fluids, gases and coolants.

For the Engineering Industry
Engineering Design support to rationalize and retain the proprietary knowledge through proven processes like Knowledge Based Engineering (KBE) developed and applied extensively to Power Generating equipments, Material handling & Earth Moving equipments, Mining & Construction equipments, Automotive sub-assemblies etc.

For Project Management
Web-based Tools and services to support execution of complex multi-location projects effectively in an optimized manner.